Hey, much unlike the rest of Hollywood and television, at least you knew the Downeast accents were authentic.

Remember this one? This television commercial aired on national networks like ABC, NBC and CBS, back in 1985, and it starred locals Linwood Workman, Betty Hanscom, and lobster fisherman Dale Torrey Sr.

Of course the premise of the ad was that Winter Harbor, Maine, is a very cold place and that Alka Seltzer Plus Cold Medicine could prevent or help with the common cold. The ad claimed that half the local folk who tried the medicine said they would continue to use it.

Dale Torrey Sr. is still listed as "Agitator" on WinterHarborLobsterCoop.com, where he states, "I enjoy lobstering because no one is telling you what to do, and I love trying to "out think" the lobster." Dale is a very well known resident, and back in 1985 you could normally find him telling stories at Chase's Restaurant.

Linwood Workman passed away in 2011. He lived in Corea, Winter Harbor and Lamoine, according to his obituary in the Bangor Daily News. Linwood was a veteran who fought in World War II, and he was once a constable for the town of Winter Harbor.  He worked in the lobster fishing industry for many years out of Corea and Winter Harbor. To many in the area fame followed Linwood, as he was lovingly known to many as the "Alka Seltzer Plus Cold Medicine Man."

We couldn't find anything about Betty Hanscom, the young woman who claimed she switched to Alka Seltzer Cold Medicine and she wouldn't go back to anything else, but we're hoping that she's still alive and well, and enjoying Downeast Maine.

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