A hot and humid stretch that we are going through right now has everybody looking for relief.

If your kids are freaking out about the heat, we feel for you.

And if you thought of taking them for a swim at the Brewer Municipal Pool, oh oh, it is closed. It is currently being repaired.

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Drove by yesterday after work, on a steamy hot day, and missed seeing what is the norm this time of year. Dozens and dozens of young kids having the time of their lives in that huge pool.

The pool is currently closed.

Brewer Pool
Brewer Parks & Recreation Department via Facebook

There are some repairs being made and the closure is listed as day-to-day. The repairs are not routine maintenance, but ‘must be fixed right now’ things.

The optimistic estimated date of completion for the project is next week.

Repairs are being done as timely and correctly as possible.

Sorry kids.

Back to the open swim sessions as soon as possible.  Where else can you cool off for a $1?


And the schedule of lessons will also take place as soon as the issues are corrected with the pool.

But isn’t it the law of nature? An air conditioner never breaks in the winter.  Your furnace doesn’t break down in the summer. And when it is “Hotter than July” is when the public pool needs to be repaired.  That’s life.

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