Anyone who's been following the Kennebunk zumba instructor's sexcapade must have at least wondered once, will Alexis Wright get to tell her story?  Will she write a book? Will her story be a Lifetime movie?

Or, possibly something that Vivid Entertainment, a major producer of porn will get her to star in?

You have to admit, it's quite a story.  A pretty zumba instructor leading classes at night in a well to do town, while having sex with clients, some well known, during the day.  Isn't the Lifetime Network already doing something like this with their show "The Client List", starring Jennifer Love Hewitt?

There certainly is enough to fill up a two hour movie.  The cops setting up camp in a room below her office, listening to the sounds of moaning and groaning coming from above.  The Zumba Queen of Maine getting naked in the front window of her studio as she tried to gain the attention of constuction workers across the street.  The spaghetti dinner delivery guy, getting an eyeful as Alexis suddenly dropped her towel to the floor, spurning her so called advances, and then collecting a $40 tip.

There's the lawyer watching and recording via Skype from almost 100 miles away. The lawyer who accused the investigating police officer and her superior, with whom she was having an affair with, of "police payback".

Then there's the ledger, that Alexis so meticoulsy kept.  The one containing the names of 140 Johns, and one Jill, and what their personal sexual fetishes were. Included on the infamous list was a minister, a high school hockey coach, a lawyer, and the ever present rumor of a popular person in Maine media.

Once again, all of this happening in the beautiful and quiet town of Kennebunk. A destination for the wealthy, and all vacationers alike.

Alexis Wright pleaded guilty this past Friday.  She now faces up to ten months in jail and a fine of $57,000.  She will be sentenced May 31st.

It was disclosed following the plea agreement that prosecutors made no effort to prevent her from selling her story, after concluding that it would violate her right to free speech.

So, what's your prediction?  How far will she go?  Where will her story end up, if it ends up anywhere at all?  Take our poll!