Cori: So you nailed last week's clue right out of the gate, so JStew and I wanted to make sure to really stump you this week. As usual, we took a picture of something that was in our office, and put it up to see if you could guess what it was.

J Stew: When I saw this photo, like a couple other folks, I immediately thought it was a rug of some kind. Then I kind of shifted over to a floor tile. And of course, I was just wrong over and over and over. Not that it's much of a shocker. But when Cori finally shared the actual image, it was obvious I never, ever would've guessed it.

I consider myself a pretty creative guy who can think outside the box, but this was just a bit too far. But hey, that's what macro-photos are good for. Next week, I'd like to think it'll get easier... but probably not. Besides, where's the fun in that?

Cori: The guesses were great. There were quite a few that thought it was flooring of some kind...

Mary Ross Floor tile
Rob Irwin Floor tile
Wendy Clewley Looks like the bottom of a pool
Mary Klein Drouin Carpet
Heidi Farquhar Hmmmm is it a pool rug?
Some of you thought it had more to do with the windows and walls...
Matina Ageli Wallpaper
Chelsea Lyn Rancourt Bathroom wall
Laura St. Laurent Curtain
And some thought it might be more of an accessory...
Theresa Wilson The fabric of a lawn chair
Kari J. Barnes Table cloth?
Brenda Smith Is it a cup
Annette Macko A canvas bag
Julia Crowley Soccer. Ball?
But once again, it was the an off-the-wall guess that was our favorite of the morning...
Paul Keezer The bottom of Pink Floyd's sneakers....
The actual answer: It was a picture of a desk calendar from Cori's office!
Photo: Cori
Photo: Cori
As always, thanks for all your guesses. It was fun to have one stump you this week. We'll have to see what we can come up for for next Wednesday's "What's This" offering!

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