"What's This Wednesday" is here again, and it's chock full of folks who think they know what it is, and are going to be pretty disappointed at how mundane it actually is. Even more so than they what they think it is.

JStew: It's not very often I showcase a photo of my own for WTW, but this week, I made the cut. Cori is a tough coach when it comes to our photo choices, so I feel good to provide a photo that has pretty much downright fooled everybody. It's not necessarily the point to straight-up fool everyone, it usually a happy accident.

Cori: This week, when JStew and I exchanged our weekly offerings of strange pictures we snapped for our What's This Wednesday clue, his definitely looked familiar but had me stumped--so of course we went with that one! I, like many, thought it might be an iron, but then thought twice about that, knowing he doesn't iron. Then I thought it might be some kind of strainer. Nope. Was wrong again. So I am with the majority of folks who know it looks like something I've seen before, but just can't place from where.

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Many of you were positive you knew what this is. But the actual photo may cause you to hear the sad trombone sound...

Greg MillePizza pan
Brenda Lemieux An iron
Aisling Doucette Bottom of an iron.
Delcina Gomm Drip pan in a keurig
Brad Rice A commercial cookin grille , with a automatic grease dispenser
HS Hall Iron.
Darren L Robinson Iron
Harry Wilson Jr. Bottom of a grill
Kelly J. McLaughlin Kobrin Inside of a hot dog steamer
Cheryl McManus Iron face plate
Robert Marquis Stainless Steel spatula
Michelle Humphrey Iron
Carol Bray Spatula
Dusty Jae Berg Iron
Mary Sullivan Iron
Jason Lawler Grater
Mary Klein Drouin Roasting pan, bottom of the bucket you use to drain oil from your car?
Darcy Grindal Spatula
Sharon Hoffman Brasier Spatula
Judi Miller Broiler pan
Sandra Lyn BOTTOM of an IRON
Terri Turcotte Spatula
Mary Sapiel Steamer tray
Julia Crowley looks like the oil drain pan in my rotisserie oven. grease drains through the hole and there's a pan under it to catch the grease.
Joshua O'Keefe Iron
Ann Pinkham Briggs Looks like an old clam skimmer. But probably an old steam iron.
Heather Kerns Spatula
Cindy Fitzgerald Malcolm Iron
Bobbie Lindsey Perforated pan
James Naaykens Jr Iron
Darren L Robinson Bottom of the turkey fryer
Kari Jo Davis Coffee pot drip pan
Robert Ring Spatula
Nick Bell Some type of grease trap I would say but I'm going to be different! A strainer?
Kevin Mooney Pan in a hot dog steamer
What was it? It was the toast oven pan!

Come play with us next week!

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