Hump Day is here again, and that means we gave you our "What's This Wednesday" yesterday to figure out. Do you think you know it? Did you even come close?

What's the Wednesday Clue: Cori Skall
What's the Wednesday Clue: Cori Skall

JStew: When Cori first sent me this photo, I thought it was a toilet bowl. Which I can't believe no one guessed. But then as I looked at it more, I realized that if it was a toilet bowl, then someone definitely didn't flush, and that would be a gross photo to share. But hey, now that I've put that visual in your mind, it kind of defeats the purpose of it not being a toilet. So I guess we can flush me right down with my guess. Hahaha

Cori: As I came downstairs from the studio this week, thinking about ideas for what I could take a picture of, when I noticed my two youngest had been painting and had left out their watercolor supplies. Since I always end up cleaning my way through the house, I figured this might also be a good time, before I put everything away, to look for some inspiration. I snapped some shots, sent them to JStew and the rest is history!

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Your answers were mostly wrong, hahaha. Except for that one person who must use Google image search... Let's check them out.

Rob Irwin Some kind of slime..... LOL... I actually have no idea.

Jeff Bishop Spoonful of yogurt, or pudding
Sandra Lyn I'm not certain but it kinda looks like a baby spoon.
Robert Farnsworth Soap dish
Jennifer Small toilet ?
There were a couple of you who thought it was salad dressing...
Kelly Mahar Bottom of a jar of salad dressing
Kari Jo Davis Bottom side of a bottle of ceasar dressing
And quite a few of you thought it was a crock pot...
Mary Sapiel The inside of a crock pot
Mary Klein Drouin Inside of a casserole dish
Delcina Gomm Bottom of a ceramic dish.
Anna Rae Dumond Inside the cover of a pickle crock.
Mike Avery Jr. Bottom of a ceramic dish
Jennifer Small Looks like the inside of a baker gratin dish

Darren L Robinson Either bottom of the crockpot or a coffee cup
And this week's winner (with a suspiciously accurate and specific guess)...
This Wednesday Answer 2: Cori Skall
This Wednesday Answer 2: Cori Skall
Chris Godsoe Kids watercolor paint (white)
This Wednesday Answer 1: Cori Skall
This Wednesday Answer 1: Cori Skall

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