With Wednesday upon us once again, it's time to reveal our What's This Wednesday clue.... Many folks got it right out of the gate. And sometimes Cori and I don't think we tried hard enough. But then again, it's all just for fun anyhow, and can help distract us from the daily grind. That's a hint, by the way...

JStew: Since the photo came from me this week, I didn't have to suffer the usual embarrassment of trying to figure out what the heck the photo was. And although it wasn't necessarily the hardest one we've ever had, it's certainly one we can all relate to, amirite?! But I enjoyed everyone's wrong guesses the most, hahaha.

Cori: Coming off the heals of last week's Super Stumper, I was delighted to see how many people were close if not right on with the guesses. Honestly, when JStew sent it to me, I thought "What a beautiful shot. I wonder what it is?" And then I did a total face-palm when he told me--mostly because I really should have known. At the rate I consume what gets poured on that, it's embarrassing that I didn't know.

Well, here's the answer....

Let's peek at your answers....
Brad Rice Squirrel fan
Brenda Murphy DeWitt inside of the filter in a coffee pot
Jeff Orcutt burner to a gas stove
Chris Sockalexis Underside of an air fryer pan
Shari Giffard Keefe The inside of a coffee maker basket
Heidi Farquhar Coffee filter basket
Greg Miller I'm going with coffee filler basket ... even though that piece in the middle looks like it could be for turning something.
Jason Lawler Coffee filter basket
Gayle Bignell Coffee filter basket
Barb Seymour Soda bottle cap
Sally Thompson Coffee filter basket
Lisa Hastings Underside of a wrought-iron pan
Sandra Lyn I think it's a burner on a stove too.
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