JStew: This photo straight-up stumped everyone this time. I have this little bugger in my home studio at the ready. In fact, a co-worker needed a cowbell sample for a commercial and couldn't find one... so I made him one! It's funny, I've read that these days, when B.O.C. does shows, half the crowd shows up with their own cowbells. Can you imagine? A bunch of drunk people with cowbells trying to keep a solid tempo for a whole song. I really feel bad for the band. It must be awful. A bunch of folks thought it was a saw, which I can totally see, but this won't cut anything.... except gold records!

Photo JStew
Photo JStew

Cori: If someone was to take my phone and look through it, they would likely be so confused! The photos in my gallery are ridiculously bizarre. And the messages that go back and forth between JStew and I, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays would be bewildering! We spend quite a bit of time sending each other the weirdest shots of random stuff, just so we can settle on that perfect What's This Wednesday clue each week. I thought I had a good one for this week, but when he sent me his contender, I was super-duper stumped. So we went with that. For two hours I racked my brain to try to figure out what in the world it could be. When he sent me the photo of what it really was, I realized just how totally off I had been all afternoon. And when I saw the guesses online today, I felt a lot better knowing I was not alone in my "totally off" guesses.

Your answers were certainly thoughtful, if not wrong. Haha! Here are your guesses...

Alton Morril Marker type of thing like in parking spaces. But, yellow. Bumper block.
Kari Jo Davis The under carriage of a skateboard.
Rob Irwin Putty knife ( large or medium )
Julia Crowley Rust
Jason Lawler Handsaw
Dave Chambers Cross cut saw
James Naaykens Jr Hand saw
Nancy Neu handsaw
David Shorey Snow shovel
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