As always on WTW, we like to find new ways to see how well you can use Google photo search. So, think you know what's going on with this week's clue?

What's This Wednesday Clue, Liz Leavitt
What's This Wednesday Clue, Liz Leavitt

JStew: A couple weeks ago, we started rapid-fire sending photos of different things around the house for WTW, and they were all so good, we decided to use them all over the coming weeks. Problem is, now I literally do not remember what this is at all. So I'm going to end up finding out right along with everyone else. Which is kinda fun in it's own way. Sure, I love the feeling of knowing things before other people. But you know, we also have a radio show where I suppose I should have a clue what's going on. But, look who we're talking about..... so there's that...

Cori: I suppose, if you answered "rock" or "rocks" you would technically be correct this week. But as always, our clue is actually part of the bigger picture. So, if you can imagine those "rocks" being a part of something else....

Full disclosure, my friend Liz took this picture. She saw this little guy in a local shop and was going to get it for her mom to put in the garden, so she snapped a picture and send it to me. And as many of you did, when she showed it to me and I thought it was garden rocks. Again, it technically is made of garden everyone wins! But bonus points to anyone who used their imagination to see the potential these rocks had!

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There were a bunch of unique answers this week. Fun ones too. Let's see what you thought about the rocks...

Jessica Davis Stone soup

Lin Briggs Tabletop rock water fountain

Kim Damboise a rock way.

Cheryl McManus Fish tank gravel

Bob Hatch Burned charcoal?

Kari Jo Davis Sauna rocks.

Sandra Lyn I have to agree with Kari Jo Davis . They look like rocks from a sauna.

Delcina Gomm Bamboo/Succulent pot with pebbles

Kelly Mahar Looks to be rocks

Darrick Mushero Plant pot with stones

Jason Lawler Dates

Rob Irwin A rock garden, growing lots of rocks.

Robert Ackley coated raisins.

The actual answer:

What's This Wednesday Answer, Liz Leavitt
What's This Wednesday Answer, Liz Leavitt


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