Cori: While not the "Stumper" of weeks past, this week's What's This Wednesday Clue was no less entertaining in the guesses it generated! While many of you got it, right off the bat, there were others who thought right out of the box and that made for a number of hearty chuckles!

JStew: I wasn't really 100% sure what this was at first. My first guess was a duster. then I thought maybe it was sprouts or something. And at that moment I knew I was onto something, and began to recognize it as food. Or at the very least a plant. But yeah....the reality was not readily apparent until I saw the whole photo.

Your guesses were truly 100% over the top. They were awesome and wicked fun. Read on, MacDuff....

Theresa Wilson Egg sacks, The Center Of A Flower

Rob Irwin A close up of a pinecone
Wendi B. Knowles The tips of asparagus
Dennis Bean A close up view of those old stone covered outdoor picnic tables and trash cans at McDonalds!
Jason Lawler Pine cone xmas decoration
Wendy Clewley The center of a sunflower
Image may contain: flower, plant, sky, outdoor and nature
Laurie Cote-Dunn Sunflower
Donna Harleygirl Laing Peas
Vickie Easler Asparagus
Alton Morrill Pistachios
Tammy Skidgel-Russell Ticks
Greg Miller Tick infestation on a moose
Mike Avery Jr. All the seeds from a 1980’s nickel bag
Jeremy Lübkemann Looks like one of these snack sticks for birds

Those were all great guesses, but the winners knew it was:

Cori Skall
Cori Skall

Becky At Newport Chopping the broccoli
Phyllis Kurtz Broccoli
Karla Riggs Broccoli
Mary Ross Broccoli crown
Justin Choiniere Broccoli
Kathy Bridgham Broccoli head
Jen Megquier Broccoli
Darcy Grindal Broccoli
Cassie Clukey Mitchell Broccoli
Barb Seymour Broccoli
Katie Sawyer Broccoli!
Aisling Doucette Broccoli
Kathleen Darcy Pelkey Broccoli
Brian Campbell Broccoli
Jamie Stebbins Broccoli

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