If you didn't want to touch them anymore, then why would anyone else?

About three weeks ago, when this whole coronavirus thing was just getting started here in Maine, we made the weekly trip to the grocery store. After walking through the front door we separated a grocery cart from all the others, only to see a discarded blue rubber glove sitting in it.

Well no, we didn't use that cart.

Most now are wearing personal protective equipment like masks and gloves as they venture away from quarantine and out into the world for essential needs.  Most when done with them will throw them into a trash can, or stuff them into a bag to take home and then throw them away.

Then there are others, who will leave them for someone else to take care of, whether in a grocery cart, in the parking lot, or out the window of a traveling vehicle.

Bottom line: Do the right thing for the environment and the safety of others, and please dispose of them properly.

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