The beautiful Maine outdoors.  Now that the weather is being more cooperative no doubt we'll all be getting out and many of us into wooded areas. Since spring is when most baby animals are born there is also then a good chance you may encounter a few on your way. This is where the leave them alone part is the kinder thing to do.

Some of these babies may even wander into your backyard but you still need to garner the urge to pet them or pick them up.  If you do you could be putting them or yourself in danger.  It is a pretty well known fact that new moms in the animal kingdom will leave their young and go to find food. So if you see an unattended baby it is not necessarily abandoned. If you are concerned the MIF&W ask that you notify them. At their webpage they cover what to do for a number of different animals and situations. So if you have questions that'd be a good first stop.

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