By no means, am I any kind of biologist. But I can say this is going to be one of those weird years where anything goes. I'm not just saying that because it's 2020, but because the weather in the last couple weeks has been all over the place. This weekend it's going to be in the mid-50's at night, and last weekend there was frost.

Daytime temps have also been pretty wide-ranging as well. So what impact is this all going to have on our foliage season? Well, quite a bit. I know in my yard, the leaves seem like they're changing quite quickly, even though in reality, maybe only about 20% of the leaves in my yard have started to change.

But the colors are such a stark contrast to the green of everything around it, it feels like it's going to be winter in about five minutes. But according to, we're not really getting that close yet. Bangor is only in the low, 20% range. But, even though it's been warm lately, temps will start falling rapidly going forward.

When that starts to happen, we'll start to see all those lovely, vibrant colors of fall. Right now, trees don't know what to make of our weather. Frost one week, 70's the next. I can't imagine being a tree right now, hahaha. But it looks like the Bangor area should start to see things peak in the next 3-4 weeks, maybe a bit less.

Without a doubt, fall is my favorite time of the year. There's great things about all season, but with temps that feel just right, and all the cool colors to behold as we get out and commune with nature a bit, it all just feels right. And that's important in a world right now, where everything just seems kinda wrong....

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