This town located on the U.S. Canadian border with a population a little over 6000 apparently gets the esteemed distinction of being the poorest town in the state.

According to 247WallSt that honor goes to the Aroostook County town of Houlton.

The website looked at the statewide and national median income averages, which are $49,331 and $53,889, and found that folks in Shiretown earn a little over $32,000.  It also looked at the education level of the towns residents and compared that to others.  The article states that 17.4% of adults in the town that is almost 37 square miles big have a bachelor's degree.

We personally love Houlton, and feel that it's totally worth the 120 mile day trip from Bangor!  It's a very beautiful area and a great place to visit!  Make sure that you check out Market Square, the wonderful Gateway Crossing, and the farm stands on the side of the road!  Tell the hardworking people of the area how much that you appreciated it!

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