So, you're out there in the Maine wilderness and you come across a wild animal.  You've read numerous articles that say to stand still, or make yourself "big" by yelling and swinging your arms all over the place.

But you don't.

You run.

Can the average person outrun any of these Maine's creatures?

According to the data that we've stumbled across, the average person can run about 10 mph, and if they're running for their lives, up to 12 mph. The average jogger boogies on down the street anywhere from 14 mph to 17 mph. Olympic sprinters and some NFL wide receivers can haul butt up to 25 mph, for a while.

So let's say that you've consumed a Ring Ding or two and like to watch reruns of The Game of Thrones. Let's say, and we're giving you the benefit of the doubt, that you can run forever at 15 mph.

So at that speed, which animal is able to come snarling out of the Maine woods quickly enough to catch up to you and then bite you on the bum?

Can The Average Person Outrun These Maine Creatures?

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