No Whopper for you!

Fast food lovers were horrified a few weeks ago when 4 Burger Kings in eastern Maine suddenly closed up shop for good. One in Bangor, and one each in Rockland, Orono and Ellsworth.

Seems that folks were especially bummed in Ellsworth, where the city had just lost Denny's Restaurant a few months earlier.  No Grand Slam for you!

Those that have been around the Ellsworth area for awhile still miss Jasper's Restaurant, the long-time restaurant that once occupied the now empty building right next to Merrill Furniture.  No fried clams for you!

So with Burger King gone, we now drive by yet another former eatery on High Street in Ellsworth.  We can only dream about what could eventually take it's place.  Whatever it may be, chances are no one will fire up the grills there until this nasty COVID-19 pandemic is put to rest.

So what type or particular restaurant would you like to see reside at 205 High Street in Ellsworth?  Maybe another national chain restaurant?  Maybe one of your favorite places to eat in the Bangor area?  Maybe another Burger King?

We've held these sort of polls before, and national places like Sonic and Cracker Barrel usually wind up at the top.  People downeast have always spoken highly of certain places in the Bangor area, like Las Palapas Mexican Restaurant and Harvest Moon Deli.

So strap on a bib, belly up to the table and take our poll.

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