Yes, we know that they bring a lot of $ to Maine (blah,blah,blah), but some also make us swear when they come off the interstate off ramp.

They zig when they're supposed to zag.  They pass on the right hand side.  They either drive too slow or much too fast.  They procrastinate before making a turn, and they "chisel" their way in when they're supposed to merge.

Out-of-state drivers.

Yes, there are many ideal out of state drivers, but the few that leave their negative mark on us scar us for life.

Try to drive on any of the big-city streets like those in Boston, and especially those in New York City, and you'll understand why folks from those areas are like they are, fighting for every inch that they can get on the road.  So, it's understandable that some out-of-state drivers act like they do.

But anyway, one state has to take the fall.  Vote below!

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