The bluesier side of Whitesnake's catalog will be collected on The Blues Album, which arrives Feb. 19.

The compilation's 14 songs are pulled from six Whitesnake studio records released between 1984 and 2011, a bonus studio track from 2006's Live … in the Shadows of the Blues ("If You Want Me"), and "River Song," which appeared on bandleader David Coverdale's 2000 solo album Into the Light.

The Blues Album includes two hits, "Slow an' Easy" and "Give Me All Your Love," which has been remixed to focus on the track's guitars.

You can check out the set's opening track, "Steal Your Heart Away," below.

In the liner notes, Coverdale described how hearing blues legends like Muddy Waters, Albert King and Howlin' Wolf affected him throughout his life. "It’s hard to find the words to show how profoundly they connected with my soul," he writes. "But 'blues' to me is a beautiful word that describes emotional expression … feelings, be it feelings of sadness, loneliness, emptiness … but, also those that express great joy, celebration and dance, sexiness and love.”

With The Blues Album, Whitesnake complete the "Red, White and Blues Trilogy" of themed compilations they've released over the past year. In 2020, they put out The Rock Album, which featured a white cover, and Love Songs, which was packaged in a red sleeve.

You can pre-order The Blues Album now and check out the LP's track listing below.

Whitesnake, 'The Blues Album' Track Listing
1. “Steal Your Heart Away”
2. “Good to Be Bad”
3. “Give Me All Your Love”
4. “Take Me Back Again”
5. “Slow an’ Easy”
6. “Too Many Tears”
7. “Lay Down Your Love”
8. “The River Song”
9. “Whipping Boy Blues”
10. “If You Want Me”
11. “A Fool in Love”
12. “Woman Trouble Blues”
13. “Looking for Love”
14. “Crying in the Rain”


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