Hey, who besides Homer Simpson loves a good doughnut?  That's easy, we all do!

Food&Wine.com recently informed the world of the best doughnuts in America, state by state, and as far as they're concerned the best in Maine reside in the southern part of the state.

The publication listed Congdon's Doughnuts which is located in Wells, saying that they featured, "one of the lightest chocolate cake doughnuts you'll ever try (but with enough crispy bits on the outside, for textural pleasure)."

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Food&Wine also mentioned The Holy Donut in Portland, and how the business uses Maine-grown potatoes in the batter.  It went on to say that "glazed or sugared, you can't go wrong—maybe even ask if they've got any plain, the taste is just that good."

The final doughnut shop that Food&Wine listed for Maine resides just on this side of the state line, which is Lil's Cafe in Kittery, and the article tells us that the business features "some of the finest crullers in the state."

Now we know downright well that one doesn't have to hop into the car and drive some 180 miles south for a good tasting doughnut, because some of our favorites are right here in eastern Maine. So let's throw that question out to our listeners and readers today, "Who has the best doughnuts in eastern Maine?"

So, take our poll and enlighten us, because the coffee is already poured and our sweet tooth is craving a sugary delectable doughnut. Better yet, make it two.

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