Who knows... maybe we were inspired by the Super Bowl, maybe it was Valentine's Day... Not 100% sure. But, if you could have a private concert for two, from anyone that would help set a romantic tone, who would you choose?

JStew: Boy.... this would be tough, of course. KStew and I have such different tastes in music, I'm not sure there's one band/person we could agree on. On the other hand, we both do agree after last night, we wouldn't have The Weekend play. So in the end, one of us would have to take the high road and sort of go along with the other's choice. Although, we both love Tom Waits. And even though Tom Waits doesn't really write much that would be considered a traditional love song, his music definitely makes her swoon, and I enjoy his music anyhow, so really, all I'd have to do is bat cleanup on that one. Or since it's Super Bowl weekend.... easy touchdown! Hahahahaha.

Cori: Well, for me, since I do not have a Valentine to share in intimate concert with, it would be a solo show all for me! I would have to go with Chris Issak or Harry Connick Jr.  If I could go with artists who have passed, it would be Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Prince or David Bowie. But knowing my kids and their love to be all up in my personal space and talk through and over all of the things I try to listen to, like all things in my life, it would be the furthest thing from a romantic evening that you could get. So maybe I should get AC/DC or Sammy Hagar to come and shout at me while I eat cold left overs...that's more my style these days. Better yet, if they could just shout the lyrics to Baby Shark, I'd be right at home. Ugh.

Your answers were pretty well thought out our humble opinion, so let's take a look at them now.

Doug Springer Van Morrison.
Nathan Orr Elvis
Cheryl McManus It’s unanimous in this house...... Elton John
Kelly Mahar Pearl Jam
Kate Harrington Kane Brown
Sara James Sanborn Aaron Lewis
John Sherry Celtic women
Sandra Lyn The Script
Keri Whitney Pink or Bette Midler
Kathleen Darcy Pelkey Barry Manilow
Megan Bridges George Michael - nailing down a location for the show might be tricky. Maybe I'll go with Mariah Carey as long as she lets me sing along.
Mary K. Drew The young Paul McCartney.
Fred Miller The dude who sang for Nazareth
Bradley Parker Mariah Carey
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