At some point we all say we'll quit Facebook. Few actually do. Who are the few?

A digital detox can do a body good. Taking a week or two away from digital addictions can help save your sanity. However, we live in a world where immediate communication is a norm or expected. Deleting your Facebook is something more and more people are attempting, but not succeeding at. So who is following through with their pledge?

University of Vienna published a study of those who have left the Facebook world. The team studied 310 who quit Facebook, and 321current users. The pool is hardly a complete analysis of the millions that use the FB daily, but it gives us an idea.

Based on the data, Facebook quitters are:

Men - 70% of those who give up Facebook where men. 70% of active Facebook users are women.

Slightly Older - The median age of someone who swears off the FB is 31. The active user's median age is 24.

Concerned with Privacy - In response to a general survey about online privacy, FB quitters had more concern over their digital privacy.

More Conscientious - Those who quit Facebook share similar behavioral characteristics. Those include: being diligent, desire for planning ahead and staying on task.

More Web Addicted - This I found interesting. Those who quit Facebook tend to be more addicted to the internet. Both groups are heavy internet users, but quitters tend to have more going on online.

Less FB Friends - The average quitter had an average friend list of 133 people. The average Facebook user has 349 Friends.

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