JStew & Cori here... We just read an interesting study that came out. Did you know, the average adult will ask for help 6000 over the span of their life? That got us wondering: Who do you call when you need advice?

JStew: For me, it's my mom... every day of the week. We all reach that point in adulthood where we realize we were kind of idiots our whole lives right up to that moment. And in that moment, you understand your parents were right about just about everything. And that your life would've gone so much smoother if you'd just listened way back when. But if I need advice of any kind, I go straight to mom.
Cori: Admittedly, I should probably call more people for advice, more often. Usually, the decisions I make are quick because of the circumstances I am in. If there are big questions, I do usually consult my parents or good friends who I know have sound minds and level heads. I have a tendency to over-analyze, so it helps, every once-in-a-while, to bounce ideas off of folks. Sometimes I even call JStew--because I know I'll get a good, honest take on things.
Let's see how other people responded to this too....
Wendy Clewley My mom
Melanie Makin I work at a library reference desk; please call me!
Mary Klein Drouin My dad
Aaron Hart My dad - almost every time.
Sunshine If it's computer trouble, I call my brother, every time. If it's life advice, I call my aunt.
Cheryl McManus My sister!
Richard I call Miss Cori, of course!
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