Oh, please. Who buys this stuff?

We've been seeing far too many Maine/Moxie references lately across social media, enough to irritate us.  Why?  Because NOBODY DRINKS MOXIE!

Oh, there may be a few out there who dig it, but certainly not enough to warrant the carbonated, bitter tasting beverage that started out as a nerve medicine to be called the official soft drink of Maine.

Walk into any Walmart or Hannaford in the state and you'll see Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Mountain Dew stacked up to the ceiling.  But, where's the Moxie?  It's not there!  Why? Because what was once on the shelf sat there forever, dried up within the can and was eventually thrown into the dumpster.

Blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah.

Moxie was developed back in 1876 by Augustin Thompson, a doctor/businessman who was born the small Knox County town of Union, Maine.  He moved south and started producing a medicine flavored with root extract called Moxie Nerve Food in Massachusetts, and the rest is a history of disgusting aftertastes and bad breath that would make any dentist gag and puke into your mouth.

Yes, a man from Maine developed Moxie, in Massachusetts.  Blah, blah, blah. There was no Mountain Dew back in 1876. Mr. Thompson should have done the Dew, he would have scored more girls.

But other than that, there must have been a reason that a big roomful of supposedly smart and living off of daddy's money state legislators designated Moxie as the official soft drink of Maine back in 2005.  But for the life of us we can't think of what it would be.

Could this be it?  One hard working guy we that know who works construction sites during the hot summer months says that he brings ice cold Moxie to work because no one will try to mooch a can of it away from him.

That's gotta be it. Mainer's are resourceful and always thinking!

There's a reason for everything.  Maybe.

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