Yesterday, the Portland Sea Dogs announced that they wouldn't play ball this year.  As a matter of fact, all of the minor league baseball was officially cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But, Major League Baseball refuses to give in, and will begin a 60 game season on either July 23rd or the 24th.

Teams will have more players on their roster this year, with 30 regular players and another 30 to "call up" if people become sick with the novel coronavirus.  The stands will be empty, at least to begin with according to "the powers that be."  The majority of the 60 games will be against a team's rival divisional foes, so that they don't have to travel far.  For instance, the Red Sox would only have to go to places like New York, Baltimore and Toronto to play, other than at Fenway itself.

Players will also not be allowed to spit or "high-five" anyone.

With COVID-19 infections skyrocketing across the country at now 40,000 a day, and Dr. Anthony Fauci telling us that he wouldn't be surprised at 100,000 a day, we just have to wonder if baseball has any sort of a chance at playing out a full 60 game schedule before the virus eventually wins the overall competition.  But seeing as how we're not physic by any means, one really can't tell for sure.

Key dates coming up include September 27th as being the likely end of the now regular season, and with the end of the postseason/playoffs winding up before November 1st.

So what do you think?

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