Drum roll please..... The winner of JStew & Cori's $10,000 Stimulus Check contest is...

Kellie Zink!!! Big Congrats to Kellie for taking home the big check!

JStew: 50 code words a week, for four weeks. Wow. When all was said and done, and 200 code words later, Kellie Zink is takin' home the bacon. I've thought a million times in the last several weeks about what I would do with that kind of lump sum. I'd love to take a vacation with KStew, since we haven't had a real one in 15 years. I'd also love a gas stove. After 20 some-odd years in kitchen work, an electric stove just feels like the most useless piece of kitchen equipment there is. I'd also love a four-wheeler. I want to be able to haul brush down to my burn pile without having to carry it down in a wheel barrow. But hey.... I might as well shut my trap. Kellie won the ten grand... not this guy!

Cori: I'm so excited for Kellie! She did exactly what we asked...she downloaded the app, listened for the code words and tapped that app like the dickens when she heard them! Now all she has to do is figure out what to do with all that cash! Like JStew said, it was fun to dream, for the last month, about how we'd all use that kind of a chunk of change. Maybe she'll take a vacation. Maybe she'll do some home repair. Maybe she'll treat herself to a cool gift? Whatever it is she chooses to do with it, we congratulate her on a job well done! Congrats, Kellie! And thanks to everyone for listening and playing along with us!

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Just like anything in life, you'll never succeed if you don't try. Kellie proves trying is awesome. And quite valuable!

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