Can't we just wait until December for snow?

It hardly seems fair... Just a few days ago it was 50+ degrees outside. The magnolia tree in my yard even started sprouting buds. So obviously, Mother Nature is having one of her moments where she wants to thoroughly confuse us, and then lull us into thinking winter is taking a vacation for a minute.

But no... As I look ahead this weekend on the weather app on my phone, which is the Weather Channel app specifically, there seems to be a wintry mess in store for Saturday. But since it's still a few days out, that could conceivably change. But with our luck, probably it'll change for the worse, right?

So what's the hub, bub?

For the Bangor area, it looks like Friday will start as rain, and then overnight switch to more of a wintry mix that will dump 1-3 inches of nasty wettish, mixy snow crap all over us. This is funny because Turkey Day itself is looking to be close to 50 degrees. Seems about right for Maine. 50 degrees one minute, blizzard the next.

It's looking like the precipitation will end sometime late on Saturday, leaving a sunny but pretty darned cold day on Sunday, with a high of only 34 degrees. But Saturday night could be pretty dicey after all that mess when temps drop down into the low 20s. None of that sounds like the vacation I was hoping for... Oh well...

I guess no matter how much one were to wish, winter is always going to show up at some point. Of course, I could move to Florida to escape all this, but then I'd be living in Florida. That only sounds like a good winter plan. Maybe when I retire. Until then, I'll be in the garage changing the oil on the snowblower.....

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