Not even two weeks ago, we said right here on our website that Mainers were staying home in very large numbers. On average, 40% of Mainers were hanging out at home, and chilling out. Now, between the relaxation of some quarantine restrictions and some good old fashioned nice weather, Mainers are leaving the house.

I'm not here to pass judgement on whether that is good or bad. Personally, I work from home right now, and only go out in public to do grocery shopping every two or three weeks. As things ease, I'll definitely get out more. There are also no shortage pf people who are just gonna do what they want. It is what it is.

According to the BDN, the information comes from anonymously tracked cell phone data. At our peak, up to 44% of folks were staying put. But now, that number has fallen to around 39%. Still right around the average for lately, but it shows that people are getting restless and need to get out and about.

The data shows more trips to the grocery store and the few retail stores that are open, and that people are also just getting outside. Warm weather has everyone feeling a little more normal, and a little less isolated. Again, no judgement here. We're all gonna do what we're gonna do.

But with few places to go, I doubt we'll see any huge numbers out and about. In the meantime, all we can do is what we have been so far. Keep washing your hands, stay six feet away from me, and do what you gotta do.



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