Earlier this week, we told you that Bangor has the special honor of coming in among the top in the Nation for worst potholes, but we wanted to find out exactly where these car-crunchers are, so we can avoid them!

We asked. You answered. And from those answers, we compiled a list of some of the worst potholes in Eastern Maine.

We got specifics of a few spots in Brewer that have tortured tires this week. There are craters along State St., Essex St., Ohio and Hammond Streets in Bangor that you'll want to avoid.

Along the Stillwater section of the bridge in Old Town has become a battlefield that needs to be carefully navigated.

Waterville, the entire city, made the list. As did spots in Ellsworth, too.

And we're not implying, by any means, that this is from lack of effort. In fact, we even heard from some of our favorite Public Works and DOT folks today, who confirmed that this pothole season has been the worst they've seen since the Ice Storm of 1998...and that's saying something! Mother Nature, not our road crews, shoulders all the blame for this year's tire-crushing behemoths.

So check this gallery out before you take to the roads today. It could just save your tires from becoming collateral pothole damage.

Where Are The Worst Potholes In Eastern Maine?

We asked, and you answered. Here's where you have found the worst potholes, so keep your eyes peeled and get ready to steer clear of them.

And while you're trying to avoid the potholes, you may also want to keep an eye out at these intersections, as they're notorious spots where folks have ended up with car damage. 

Top Ten Worst Bangor Intersections for Car Crashes

With a whole lot of help from the Maine Department of Transportation, we thought we’d dig up the facts and figures of intersection car crashes within the City of Bangor between 2019 and now.  

And here, too. 

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