Here are are with another fine "What's This Wednesday" clue and reveal. This one proved deceptively tough. Did you guess it?

What's This Wednesday Clue, Cori Skall
What's This Wednesday Clue, Cori Skall

JStew: The biggest reason I knew what this week's clue was, is because I spent a large portion of my life in the restaurant biz. Long before I was a whirled famous DJ, I spent most of my time making food for other people. So your hard pressed to find something in a kitchen that I can't immediately identify. But as I was reading through some of your guesses, in some ways I wish I had no idea what it was so that I could make one of the insane, crazy guesses too. Oh well. I like being crazy, haha.

Cori: Was I bummed out that JStew got my clue immediately? I did text him back a choice "one word" answer. But I wasn't surprised. He knows his way around a kitchen better than most people I know. But I had hoped to stump him just a little. Oh well. Apparently there are a number of you who are also very familiar with what this item is. Perhaps its our proximity to Aroostook County? There were some fun guesses, though. :)

Your guesses were awesome. Lots of great fun in these answers. Let's check them out...

Cindy Parent Paine Manhole cover

Betsy Goodwin Pizza pan

Brad Rice Chicklets

Judy Stubbs Harriman Chiclets

Rob Irwin I give up you got me whipped with a wet noodle.

Kari Jo Davis Ceramic tile???

Paula Bowden Bathtub mat

Ryan White Strainer

Fred White look like the bottom of a shoe or sneaker the squares are raised, or a non slip surface.

Alicia Dawn Metal spoon

Melissa Philbrook Gum

One of our favorites....

Paul Keezer The outside skin of a pickle...magnified 1000 percent... Nailed it....

Some thought it was something to do with drains....

Jeremy Pelkey Drain cover

Darren L Robinson Drain cover

Mary Klein Drouin Drain

Stacey Blais Drain

And this one was so close...(we'll give it to them anyway!)

Carol Ann Fish McKechnie Egg masher, to make hard boiled eggs for egg salad! I have one identical to this.

But most of you recognized it right away!

What's This Wednesday Answer, Cori Skall
What's This Wednesday Answer, Cori Skall

Debi Sawyer Potato masher....

Lin Briggs Tater smasher

Robert Kaye Potato ricer

Bob Hatch Potato masher

Sarah Graham Potato masher

Elaine Foss Fitzpatrick Potato masher!

Mary Sapiel Potato masher, boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew

Tempal Marie Mailey Mash potato masher

Lori Thomas Potato masher


Lynn Gary Potato masher

Wayne Mitchell Potato masher

Clarence Mclaughlin Potato masher

Kelley Bowden Sadosky Potato Masher

Misty Gray Potato masher


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