First off, unless your making yourself a delicious Vodka Gimlet, go ahead and set the Tito's down. Even they said that you should never try to make hand sanitizer out of their vodka. I mean really, hand sanitizer is like $.99 a bottle at just about any store on Earth. But if you've just GOTTA make your own, here's how to do it.

We're all afraid of COVID-19, so taking the necessary precautions is crucial. Washing your hands, coughing/sneezing into your elbow, and consider staying away from large crowds. And short of washing your hands, use hand sanitizer. I know there's been a lot of hub-bub online, claiming they're useless. It's just not true.

We had Dr. James Jarvis from Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center last week, and he mentioned some companies, in an effort to protect themselves from lawsuits, say that they can't guarantee 100% effectiveness against the coronavirus, but he said they are 99.99% effective on just about everything else. So don't be afraid to use it.

According to a recent article in the BDN, this is how you make your own:

  • Two-thirds of a cup of 91% Isopropyl rubbing alcohol
  • One-third of a cup of Aloe vera gel
  • 8-10 drops of your favorite essesntial (for scent) , if you choose...
  • small mixing bowl
  • spoon or whisk
  • small container to put your finished product in

Then you just stir/whisk all the ingredients together, and place them in the container. then just label it so folks know it's not a delicious jar of moonshine or bathtub gin. At the end of the day though, washing your hands with hot, soapy water is where it's at. And washing for a bit longer than usual can't be a bad thing either.

It's going to be quite the ride while this whole coronavirus things settles itself out. But, at least it's worth being prepared. And taking the steps necessary to try and not get it in the first place. So cough and sneeze into your elbow, wash your hands, and stay out of harm's way!

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