Wow, check this place out.

We've recently talked about some of Maine's most expensive and prestigious homes for sale, including an $8.4-million cottage nestled cliff side in Bar Harbor, with an ocean side view that anyone would be impressed with.

But now it's time to talk about a home for sale that's entirely different. Shall we say, on the "modest end?" We shall.

As of today, June 12, 2020, this is the most least expensive home for sale within the state of Maine.  It's sits at 983 Spring Bridge Road in Greenbush, a town located up Route 2 from Old Town.

The two-bed, two-bath, 700 square foot home is currently listed at $12,900 by the Jay Peavey Team of Realty of Maine, at 458 Main Street in Bangor.  Call 207-478-0084 or email them at

The Least Expensive Home For Sale In Maine

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