Damn, and we thought we could.

Stupid us. We were surprised with today's news that folks attending an upcoming reggae festival at Fort Knox State Park will be allowed to drink, because we always thought that you could anyway.

Guess not.

This week, the state "partly relaxed" the no drinking rule at all Maine State Parks for groups holding events by permission, like weddings, private parties and festivals.

After years and years of popping a cold one with our shore side picnic, this came as news to us.  So, we decided to investigate even further to find out exactly what one cannot do in a Maine State Park.

Here's a list of "no-nos."

You can't drink alcoholic beverages in day-use areas, historic sites, or the common public areas in the campgrounds.

No feeding or touching the wild animals.

No removing, damaging, molesting or injuring anything that is natural, physical, prehistorical, or historical.

You can't use a metal detector.

No open fires.

No soliciting of any kind.

Hunting, trapping and firearms are regulated big time.  Those rules and others can be found at the Bureau of Parks and Lands website.




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