All is not wrong with the world.

While things may have seemed a little grim recently, with a year-long pandemic still raging away, political strife across the land, and what seems at times to be perpetual arguing within social media, sometimes all it takes is a little bright light that evolves out of nowhere to remind us all what life really is all about.

Once such instance happened this past Sunday at The Village Market on the Plymouth Road in Carmel.  As fate would have it that day, the meat case was being serviced and the power had to be shut off for a short period of time.  When the power went down, so did the store's credit card machine.

Of course that's when the customers walk through the door.

A Penobscot County Sheriff's Deputy came in for lunch, and when he discovered that he couldn't pay with a credit card at that moment, he took his lunch and went out to his cruiser to eat and wait for the power to come back.

While the deputy was out front eating his lunch a young 9 year-old man named Bentley came in with his "bait money", and when he was told that the Deputy Sheriff was out in his cruiser eating lunch while waiting for the credit card machine to become operational again, he performed a "good deed of the day" that was soon to resonate all across the land via social media.  Bentley bought the Deputy lunch.

Thank you Bentley, from all of us. Kindness matters, and one small act of it is now being  felt across Maine.  Let's hope it multiplies.

Today we had to shut down power to half of our store while our meat case got serviced. That meant no internet, no credit...

Posted by The Village Market on Sunday, February 7, 2021

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