There's something really neat about being able to blow someone's mind with awesome music they've never heard before. It's kind of a big reason why those of us who work in the radio business, dig it so much. When you strip everything else aside, we have a deep-rooted love for cool music and a want to share that music with the masses.

One of the coolest journeys someone can go on, requires no literal travel whatsoever--but instead consists of witnessing the emotional trip someone takes as they discover, for the first time, the greatness of a particular artist.

That's something I think many of us can relate to; the feeling of finding something that sounds so rad, you just want to share it with the world!

And there's also no doubt that when a new generation makes such a discovery, it can mean an resurgence in popularity for whichever particular artist they happen to glomm on to.

Take "Wayne's World", for instance. When Wayne put that Queen cassette in the tape deck of that car, and "Bohemian Rhapsody" blasted from those speakers as they all head-banged to it, a new generation of Queen fans were instantly born. And 17 years after it was originally released, the song went up the charts again to #2!

The same thing is now happening to Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight" thanks to a set of YouTubing twins. Now, one could argue that this is not the first resurgence this song has experienced, as it definitely stood out in the movie "The Hangover" when Mike Tyson did his own air-drum solo to the song. But this most recent viral video has galvanized "In The Air Tonight" in the memory of so many, mostly because of how purely and enthusiastically these YouTubers reacted to the song. You could see their minds being blown, and it was awesome!

I'll admit, the first time I came across this online, I immediately sent it to JStew. You see, you just can't fight that instinct to share great things with one another--especially music. And since JStew is a drummer, it was equally outstanding because I knew their reactions would resonate with him.

In the video, brothers Tim and Fred Williams, from Indiana, react to hearing the song for the first time. What's especially great about this video is watching the momentum of their journey build. Let's face it, most of us know this song pretty well, and we know what's coming. So the anticipation of when that drumbeat drops is almost palpable. And they payoff, when it finally hits; priceless. says sales of the song went up over a thousand percent after the video went viral.

"The video apparently prompted viewers to do the same: On Friday and Saturday, “In the Air Tonight” saw an increase in sales of over 1,100 percent compared to the previous two days. The song saw over 4,600 digital sales in those two days, compared to a few hundred the weekend prior, according to data from Alpha Data. "

According to a recent article, the Williams brothers have created an entire series of "reaction" videos in an effort to expand their musical horizons.

"Among the artists they've been discovering are Freddie Mercury and Queen, Luther Vandross, Tom Jones, opera star Luciano Pavarotti and Aerosmith — but that's just the start."

I do this with my own kids. In my house, there's always music playing. It was like that when I was growing up. That's how I first learned about Aretha and Elvis, The Beatles and Otis Redding.

If you played the opening riff to Heart's "Barracuda" or David Bowie's "Let's Dance", my kids would recognize the songs in a matter of seconds.

By sharing these songs, and passing down the musical torch (so to speak) we get to make those amazing journeys over and over again. And let's face it, a good song never gets old.

Here are some of the other videos of their "first reactions".

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