I think I'm definitely done with winter this year.

Last week, I finally got all the snow and ice cleared off my deck for the first time in months. For me it's crucial, because the deck is my dog's favorite place in the world to hang out. But it's been a graveyard of ice chunks and snow for months. It's nice to see a shred of spring out there.


Oddly enough, this winter took forever to get going. We had days in the 50's in January, and I was pulling ticks off my dog. But once we got into February, Mother Nature started viciously making up for lost time. March hasn't been much better. Heck, at the beginning of the month, we had 4 major storms in less than two weeks, dropping a few feet of snow.

We've gotten enough in Maine this year, we're leading the pack.

The National Weather Service in Caribou put out a post on their Facebook page, listing all the snowfall totals from up and down the eastern seaboard. And three towns right here in Maine are in the Top 5. Caribou is coming in 2nd this year, right behind Buffalo, NY. Not a huge surprise, as Aroostook County is famous for it's snow.

Gray came in right behind Caribou. Each of those towns were almost a foot above normal for this time of year, so it just goes to show that winter has been no joke for anyone.

Half-buried shopping cart in a dirty snow bank

Just a tiny bit further down the list though? Bangor! Yup. All along the East Coast, Bangor comes in 5th. So far in Bangor this year, we've had almost 70 inches of snow. We typically get around 65, so we're a bit ahead of the game this year. I can't say it's the record we want to be known for, but at least we know it's not all in our heads that this winter's been harsh. Hopefully, it's almost finally over...

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