Everybody into the pool!

The long, hot summer days are upon us, so there will definitely be times where you will want to cool off with a dip. The Bangor Parks and Recreation Department would like you to know the hours of operation, and admittance fee for both the Beth Pancoe Municipal Aquatic Center, located at Hayford Park, 775 13th St, Bangor, and also Dakin Park, on 336 Pine St. in Bangor.

As with many other places post-pandemic, staffing is a continuing issue, so please keep in mind that these dates can be subject to change, due to these circumstances. Should one of the pools need to close for the day, Bangor Parks & Rec will let everyone know, via social media.

I have so many great memories of grabbing my towel, meeting up with my friends in the neighborhood, and heading first to use the basketball courts, then jumping into the Dakin pool every summer as a kid. It was a great way to kill a hot July or August day, and more importantly, it gave my mother a much-needed break from my constant shenanigans. I remember many a day where she would look at me planted on the floor staring at the TV and saying "Get outta the house and go do something!" Well, now you can do the same. Here is the 2021 Summer Pool Schedule.

Dakin Pool

Pool Hours-Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 1:00-4:30 pm
Tuesday & Thursday 6:00pm-7:30pm

Admission-Ages 16 & Under $.50 Non-Bangor Resident $1.00
Ages 17-61 $1.00 Non-Bangor Residents $2.00
Ages 62+ $.50 Non-Bangor Resident $1.00

Beth Pancoe Municipal Aquatic Center

Pool Hours- Monday-Saturday 1:00-4:30pm

Admission-Ages 16 & Under $3.00 Non-Bangor Residents $4.00
Ages 17-61 $4.00 Non-Bangor Resident $5.00
Ages 62+ $2.00 Non-Bangor Residents $3.00

Evening Pool Hours-Monday-Friday 6:00-7:30pm

Admission-Ages 16 & Under $1.00 Non-Bangor Residents $2.00
Ages 17-61 $2.00 Non-Bangor Residents $3.00
Ages 62+ $1.00 Non-Bangor Residents $2.00

For more info on all their summer services, check out bangorparksandrec.com

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