The ultimate game-changer for my life here in Maine was the day I picked up a kayak from L.L. Bean. I have always loved being on the water, whether I’m boating in Casco Bay, walking around Mackworth Island, or sitting on the beach in Scarborough.

The lightbulb moment happened during quarantine a couple of years ago when I realized I could be on the water every day in my own vessel, all I needed was to make the move. I acquired the kayak, installed a roof rack to my Honda, and my life in Maine got a hell of a lot more active.

Where to Kayak in Maine

We are blessed to live in a ginormous state with so many outdoor adventures accessible to us in different geographic conditions. We have our rocky shores, our mountain peaks, miles of forest land, and more. This can make planning a day outside mildly stressful and overwhelming.

I experienced this when I first got my kayak and was overwhelmed with all the options on where to go paddle. Where do I begin and how do I even find these spots? A quick Google search led me to some convenient and helpful websites and phone apps and I’m here to share them with you.

1. AllTrails

This is definitely my favorite resource for hiking and paddling. All you have to do is put a city, park, or state name in the search box and you’ll find out everything you need to know before you go.

Ali Kazal via Unsplash

You’ll be presented with a list of paddling options in that area with hand-curated trail maps, driving directions, detailed reviews, photos from other people who have experienced the trails first-hand, difficulty ratings, the length of the trail or area, weather conditions, the UV index, when the sun rises and sets in that area, and more.

It is so convenient!!

The detailed reviews and photos from other users are the best part because you can really know what you’re getting into and it’s the easiest way to decide between different places to go. It’s my go-to website and app for finding the right paddling spot based on my needs.

2. Go Paddling

You can either use Go Paddling through their website or their phone app but both options will show you more than 48,000 possible paddling locations. You can share your own paddle knowledge and add a spot on the map that’s not already there or you can peruse through the kayak trips they have listed in your area.

Saikrishna Saketh via Unsplash

You can even book kayak tours, trips, and group experiences through them or you can use their trip guides as inspiration for where you want to go on your own.

3. Kayaking Near Me

Simple as that, this website will show you the best places to go kayaking near you. Just scroll through the website as it lists places to go in your desired state. For example, under Maine, it shows places to paddle in the Sebago area, where to launch on the Androscoggin River, Shaw Park, Kennebunk Pond, and way more.

Mick Kaupt via Unsplash

It gives you a little excerpt about the spot but it doesn't provide a whole lot of information about the paddling trip. It makes for a great starting point to find out where your paddling location options are and then you can look up that specific spot to learn about where to launch, what the area is like, and what you need to know for a great day out on the water in Maine.

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