It's kind of cool to know that Maine orchards can vary in size from 1 acre up to several-hundred acres. So depending on just how much time you want to spend, you can pick a few or pick way more.

Believe it or not, Labor Day Weekend is kind of the unofficial start to apple-picking season here in our great state.

Red apple

Here are five orchards within an hour of Bangor where you can pick apples to your heart's content. Most of them open this weekend.

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A little over 15 minutes outside of Bangor, in Levant, is one of the better-known orchards in the area, Treworgy Family Orchards.

Matt Cardy
Matt Cardy

You can go and pick apples, and at this time of year even pumpkins, but there are also a lot of other things you can do. There's a corn maze, tractor rides and who could forget the goats?

Treworgy Goats, Cori Skall
Treworgy Goats, Cori Skall

According to the Facebook Page, which I would suggest you check for any orchard you plan to visit, their early Honeycrisps are ready for the pickin'.

Our early Honeycrisp apples are ready now!! This is a special type of Honeycrisp. The only difference is that these ripen 2 weeks early! Come on out and get some this week.


About 20 minutes west of Bangor, you'll find Conant Apple Orchard in Etna. They'll be opening for "Pick Your Own" on Saturday, Sept. 2. According to their Facebook Page, while you pick, you can also enjoy one of their decadent seasonal drinks or homemade donuts.

Apple Harvest Underway In Brandenburg
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We currently have Macintosh (getting a little sweeter, still tart) and we have wealthy (crispy and juicy)! We will be picking Milton’s this week- stay tuned for the day!
And of course, come get a pumpkin iced coffee this week. We have a signature creamer that’s to die for. We have SO many exciting things planned this fall…. Stay tuned for it all. You won’t want to miss it.


Down the road, about 40 minutes south of Bangor, in Monroe, is another gem of a Maine apple-picking spot, Hooper's Orchard.

According to the Facebook Page,  they have 80 varieties of apples to choose from, with new varieties ripening each week.

Ingram Publishing
Ingram Publishing

Now picking Premier Honeycrisp apples starting this Thursday! Premier Honeycrisp is an early Honeycrisp and a large red apple with a yellow background color. Big, juicy, and sweet.

When you're done apple picking, they also have a corn maze you can explore.

Johnston's Apple Orchard, Ellsworth

Thirty minutes southeast of Bangor, in Ellsworth, you will find Johnston's Apple Orchard.

Red apples

They will be opening for the pick-your-own season on Sep. 7. Family-owned since the 1950s, there are over 2,000 trees full of apples to pick from.

Sullivan's Orchard, Charleston

About half an hour north of Bangor is Sullivan's Orchard in Charleston. Just about from where Tate's Strawberries (now R.J. Hall's Famly Farm) is, this sprawling orchard has quite a few varieties to pick from, even crab apples.


Hi Everyone, just wanted to let you know we will be open on Saturday, September 2, 10 am to 5 pm. We have 3 varieties that are ripe, Zestar, Williams Pride, and some Duchess. If people want to pick green Macs, they can. We have a very good crop of apples this year. If anyone is interested in crab apples we have them too.

You don't have to travel far to experience one of the best parts of the end of summer/beginning of fall season around here.

Tetiana Soares
Tetiana Soares

For more fun facts about apple growing and picking in Maine, you can click here.

They've also got a list of eight more orchards, in other parts of the state, that you could plan to visit this season.


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