BAR FIGHT!!!!!!!!

Well that escalated quickly. Cops were called to break up a huge brawl on Silver street outside a local watering hole, according the Morning Sentinel.

As you may guess, alcohol was involved.

It started as one dude punching another dudemanguy in the Spirits bar in the basement of the Silver Street Tavern early Saturday. Then the fight spilled into the street and grew to involve about 40 to 50 people. The first officers called to the scene couldn't handle the huge crowd.

Police from Winslow, Oakland, Fairfield and the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office responded to assist Waterville PD.

Because punching another person isn't nice, and illegal, six men were arrested. Five of them are from Massachusetts. They'll make a road trip to Maine later this year for court dates.

Those arrested were Billy Jasper Trivette, Timothy Michael Thayer, Wilfredo Otero, Luis Leon, Daniel Gilkes and Thomas Dylan Cason.

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