There are many bridges in New England and the state of Maine holds quite a few. According to American Road and Transportation Builders Association, there are 2,485 bridges in the state of Maine.

I finally visited one bridge in Maine, and though it may not be the longest bridge, it is pretty unique. I am talking about Two Cents Bridge. Now, this is not a bridge that you would drive on, but you can walk across it if you choose.

About Two Cents Bridge

According to Bridge Hunter, Two Cents Bridge was built back in 1901 but was rebuilt in 1903 after it washed away. It is a wire suspension bridge that is also one of the last pedestrian toll bridges that still stands in the U.S.

What Makes Two Cents Bridge Unique

Two Cents Bridge is located in both Waterville and Winslow, above the Kennebec River. You may be wondering how it could be in two different places. Well, that is one of the unique things about this small bridge, it actually connects two towns. Therefore, you can walk directly from one town to another one.


I feel the real reason that people will visit this bridge is the fact that it has many love locks. In case you do not know what a love lock is, let me explain. A love lock is when two (or more) people in a relationship write/engrave their names (or initials), sometimes with a date onto a lock before locking it onto a bridge, fence, or gate to symbolize their unbreakable love.

If you choose to visit Two Cents Bridge, you will find a cornucopia of love locks. Some for couples and families (families usually add more locks for the children), as well as some locks that do not show love for another individual.


Like this lock, that shows someone's love for burgers.

Many people know about a love lock bridge in Paris, but it is really cool that there is also one right here in New England.

This little bridge in Maine is perfect to visit with someone you love for a stroll on a sunny day and to make your unbreakable love.

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