Honestly, I'm a sucker for real estate listings. I just bought a new house back in January, and I still look at realty apps on my phone several times a week. But this house caught my eye in a recent article from the BDN. 'Cliff Cottage' on Kenduskeag Avenue in Bangor, is up for sale.

Photo: Russ Harrington, Better Homes and Gardens - The Masiello Group

Cliff Cottage was built back in 1847, and has been on the National List of Historic Places, since 1973. If you check out the listing from Better Homes and Gardens - The Masiello Group, you can plainly see that this home has been lovingly cared for over the years, and kept to much of it's original feel. The kitchen has been upgraded a bit for sure, but in a very tasteful way.

Photo: Russ Harrington, Better Homes and Gardens - The Masiello Group

Bangor lawyer and Judge of Probate, John Godfrey built the house and named it Cliff Cottage, after the old legend of the Native American couple that that jumped to their death at nearby Lover's Leap. The Gothic Revival style home has kept many of it's original design elements, including the grey exterior for over 170 years!

The home stayed in the Godfrey family until the mid-20th century when it was purchased by the Kellogg family, who owned the home until 2002, when it was sold to it's current owners. So for all this time, the home has only been owned by three families, which is incredible.

The current asking price for the house is $540,000. Which I think is a steal. I've seen other houses listed around Bangor over the years, especially some of the old homes on West Broadway, that were amazing on the outside, but hadn't been updated much at all in decades. And if you're starting at $500K to begin with, and have to put another $100K into it, what's the point?

But this house looks amazing. Trust me, if you're at your desk or whatnot, and have a few minutes to kill, check out the listing, and look at all the photos. It's an amazing trip down memory lane, and a great glimpse into Bangor's past.