Was that really an earthquake last week in Maine, or an attack on 50,000 Chinese troops hidden within its woods?  Seems that only social media knows for sure.

Just amazing.

Following last Wednesday's earthquake and aftershocks centered in the small town of Robbinston in Washington County, certain online conspiracy theorists came to the conclusion that 50,000 Chinese troops had amassed on the border and were readying their assault on freedom.

Wonder why they didn't do this in Alaska?  Isn't it much closer to the homeland?

According to MilitaryTimes.com, this past Monday @stormis_ posted on Twitter that an American F-16 was shot down in Michigan and that American bombs were dropped killing 50,000 Chinese soldiers on the United States/Canadian border.  Thus the reason for the big bang heard in the Robbinston area last Wednesday.

Were the troops wearing masks before they were blown up?  Really, because after all, COVID-19 infections have increased in Washington County.

The theory was picked up by a website and podcast called Dark Outpost with David Zublick, which went on to say that the Chinese troops had been shipped in from the Bay of Fundy and were based within an underground bunker on U.S. soil, and that a "bunker-busting" bomb had annihilated them all.

Man, that must have been a mess.  Wonder who cleaned all that up?   Robbinston Public Works?

The Dark Outpost site also talks of recent U.S. Naval deployments including aircraft carriers off the coast in an effort to thwart both China and Russia's effort to overtake the United States.

Seems that someone out there lobstering off of Grand Manan Island would have noticed the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower.  It's kinda hard to miss

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower In The Arabian Gulf

Getty Images/U.S. Navy/Liaison

Now, folks in Robbinston, a town in Washington County almost 34 square miles in size and with a population of about 550 people, are getting calls from hordes of social media theorists asking what had indeed really happened there.

"We know almost everybody in Robbinston," Joan Siem told SunJournal.com. The longtime resident of the town went on to say, "If 50,000 Chinese soldiers somehow appeared in town, it would cause a sensation."

Yes.  Maybe even make the earth move.

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