Back in the 90's I bought my brother a Billy Bass years ago for his camp.  My sister in-law was thrilled (not) I might add.  Anyway , the novelty had its day and then along with pet rocks and clackers went the way of the dodo.  Until a short while ago someone came up with the idea of linking it up to their Alexa.  The result was magic..or at least comical.

Now we all know that anytime something is gaining in popularity someone is always there looking to cash in.

This is why as of tomorrow December 1st you will be able to gift your own brother with a Billy/Alexa Fish courtesy of Amazon and your own hard earned cash. Yes for only $39.99 you too can have this little fishy give you the facts about the weather, your commute, news, random facts and more.  Oh, and it will sing an original song this time called "Fishin' Time.”

Already have a Billy Bass you savvy decorator you?  Here is how to sync up your own billy to Alexa.

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