After Alice Cooper revealed he'd made a “pact” with his wife to die together, because neither of them wants to live without the other, he clarified what he meant.

He’s been married to Sheryl Goddard for 43 years, and she’s been part of his live performances since 1975, along with their daughter Calico. Cooper, whose real name VIncent Furnier, is 71 while Sheryl is 10 years younger. They were wed a year after they met.

“We’ve made a pact – there is no way of surviving without each other,” he told the Mirror in a recent interview. “I couldn’t live without her. We always said there will never be a time when one of us will be mourning the other. Whenever it does happen, we are going to go together. I’ve been married 43 years to the greatest girl in the world. We have never cheated on each other.”

He added that "she dances better now than she did in 1975. You would think people would want to get away from the wives, but she is my best friend. And there is no way of surviving without each other.”

Cooper has now explained his comment further. “Sheryl and I do not have a death pact, we have a life pact," he said in a new statement. "We love life so much. What I was meaning was that because we're almost always together, at home and on the road, that if something did happen to either of us, we'd most likely be together at the time."

In a separate interview, Cooper said his passion for playing golf was a way of managing the issues that led to his health problems due to alcoholism in the ‘70s. “I play golf six days a week, and the reason is I had to find something that was going to be an addiction, because I like being addicted,” he told the i newspaper (via “But I want to be addicted to something that's not going to kill me."

He said he "was drinking a bottle of VO [whiskey] a day. When you're 25 or 26, you think you're indestructible. I started throwing up blood, and that's when you're alarm goes off. The doctor said, ‘I give you two months before you join all the other Hollywood Vampires, the guys that are gone.’ I took that seriously. ... I looked at it this way: God gave me another chance and said, 'Look I don't mind you being a rock 'n' roller at all but also be a Christian,' and I went, 'Okay, that sounds good to me.’”

Cooper noted that his experience meant he was in a position to help others struggling with addiction issues. “People call me privately and go, 'Listen, don't tell anyone, but I need to find a place to check in,” he said. “And I go, 'The fact you're calling me probably means you're half way home.’”



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