When winter rolls around, I'm never sure which is worse... Getting out of my nice, cozy, comfy car to pump gas, or the initial shock of how much gas prices tend to go up in the winter. It seems like a double whammy. Whereas firewood warms you twice, when you stack it, and then when you burn it. Gas screws you twice in winter. Once when you get out of your car to pump it, and again when you look at the price.

Granted, I remember just a few short tears ago when gas was averaging around $4.50 a gallon in southern Maine, when I lived down there. So sometimes I feel like complaining about current prices seems a little unfair. But when it goes from $1.99 a gallon sometimes, to today when it's easily $2.50 a gallon, one wonders why?

According to WABI - TV5 and GasBuddy.com, there's reason to believe it could go even higher than it has been. With all the extreme cold (not by our standards, mind you) in Texas and the deep south where U.S. oil is refined, it's drastically inhibiting their output, if not grind it to a screeching halt.

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Although the rise in prices will likely be much more dramatic down south, we could potentially expect some abrupt price changes to the tune of 10 to 20 cents a gallon. It's likely to last a little while too, as refineries ramp their production back up. But the weather down south isn't done yet by the looks of it. I have friends in the Austin area that have as much snow on the ground as we do, and no electricity or water.

Look, prices won't go up enough to cause you too much distress, but it'll certainly be a thorn in our side for a while this winter. Like I said before, winter loves to screw us in as many ways as possible. But hey... look on the bright side... There's nowhere to go right now anyway. Oh wait... That sucks too. Come on summer!!!!

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