This past Sunday morning troopers in New Hampshire set up a speed detail between 6 and 11 on the Blue Star Turnpike.  By the end of it all big news had been made.

The troopers pulled over 121 drivers on that stretch of highway between Maine and Massachusetts during the 5 hour period - 56 of them were driving in excess of 90 mph, 10 in excess of 100 mph, and 3 were hauling ass above 115 miles per hour.

There was a period of time between the start of the nasty COVID-19 pandemic and just a month or two ago where most police departments freely admitted being a little more lenient in citing law breakers out there on road, but now law enforcement agencies all over are conducting business as usual.

Have you seen a difference in driving habits since before the pandemic and now?

Many will tell you that before the pandemic fewer drivers were holding onto and talking on their phones while driving through an intersection, and that speeds seen on Maine roads like Interstate 95, the Airline, and Route 1A seemed to be slower.

Was it the leniency of law enforcement during the pandemic that created the emergence of these driving infractions with what now seems like much more intensity, or have more and more drivers just simply evolved over the past year into "I'll do what I damn well feel like doing" and "Catch me when you can?"

Or, is it just our imagination that things have seemed to have gotten worse out there on the roads?

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