Pineapple and pizza. Ketchup and eggs. Lobster and avocado?

Alright, folks, I might be in the minority, and I recognize that, but this looks REALLY good, doesn’t it?

In a tweet that has sparked controversy among seafood enthusiasts, Chef Andrew Gruel shared a photo of a lobster roll that he claimed combines the contrasting California and Maine lifestyles with the addition of avocado. Gruel, a well-known chef and television personality, tweeted on Wednesday, "Avocado and lobster is an amazing combo. California meets Maine." He also attached a photo of a lobster roll with the unexpected addition of avocado.

I’ve already said it once, but I am absolutely on board with trying this coast-to-coast tag team. I love lobster. I love avocados. It’s like when Joey was eating Rachel’s English trifle and shepherd’s pie combination in Friends: “What's not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Beef, GOOD!”

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While the majority of the Twitter responses were drooling over the combination, I’m curious to see how Mainers react. 

Here are some of my favorite responses:

Let me tell you, If I win the lottery, I have my first meal as a wealthy individual planned out. I'm a very proud Mainer, and I'm hoping that my curiosity doesn't lead to my "207 card" being revoked.

The debate over whether avocado has a place in a traditional Maine lobster roll is likely to continue (or not). However, some adventurous seafood lovers may be tempted to try Chef Gruel's unconventional take on the classic dish. Whether it becomes a new favorite or a one-time experiment, only time will tell.

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