Remember when the pandemic started, there was this resurgence in people dragging their Christmas tree back out, in the middle of March, to bring some cheer back into their lives during a time where it felt like there was none. I even brought the idea up to my wife, but she wasn't having any part of it at the time.

However, she did let us keep it up until this past weekend. Granted, I made the case for leaving it up forever, because I love Christmas trees, but January 17th was close enough. Well, that's not really true, but hey... I'm willing to compromise. I even broached the idea of adding different decorations for different holidays. All I heard was crickets.

It looks like the city of Bangor beat me though, and I hardly think that's fair. They just took down the city tree yesterday. So even Bangor waited longer to take theirs down. I mentioned this fact to my wife, and again, crickets. Sure, we had just packed it all up and put it in the basement, but I was willing to drag it all back up. Just sayin'.

But piece by piece, branch by branch, public works employees dismantled the tree and hauled it away. I'm glad I wasn't there to see it. I may have shed a tear at the tree being dismantled so slowly. For the love of God, just rip that band-aid off and get it out of here. Instead, they just mercilessly limbed that poor tree into oblivion.

Much like the trend has been, the city left it up as long as they felt they could, knowing that Christmas trees have been giving people a bit of extra joy. John Cyr, electrical supervisor for the Bangor Department of Public Works, definitely said that was their inspiration, according to Fox ABC Maine...

We are trying to keep up with people, COVID-19, and what’s going on with all of the changes in the world right now. We tried to keep it around and it seems to be working.

Well, goodbye old friend. I lobbied for Christmas to keep going this year, and was voted down. Such is life. But there's always next year, and a chance to celebrate all over again. Here's to hoping that by the end of 2021, we can all safely go watch the tree be lit, instead of watching it on our phone.

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