Here's a reminder to all the kids and parents out there that the Little League season is almost upon us which means teams are getting organized and coaches are getting found with a start to game season by late April.

Last year at this time, the pandemic had schools, businesses and government offices shut down as the rise of the coronavirus was sweeping across the nation.  Here in Maine, different Little Leagues were deciding to call off the season while others kept at it for 2020.

This year, a year into the pandemic and while exercising continued caution, Bangor area Little Leagues are going forward with their seasons while getting ready to adjust as restrictions are needed or lifted.

Some little leagues are finding that there is a marked decrease in registrations and want parents, caregivers and kids alike to know that this little league season is happening while continuing to be cautious of the virus and sticking to strict health guidelines.


In Bangor, there are two little league groups, Bangor East and Bangor West, and both leagues are looking to bump up their registrations this year with the starting of training nearly underway.

Register for Bangor West Little League

Register for Bangor West Little League by visiting their website.  Bangor West Little League does have discounts, grants and scholarships available for eligible registers and players.  Bangor West Little League also offers Junior and Senior baseball for the whole city and Little League Softball for the whole city, too.

If you are interested in volunteering for this season's Bangor West Little League, visit the Bangor West Little League website and click on the 'Volunteer Forms' to fill out a form.


Register for Bangor East Little League

If you live on the east side of Bangor and want to your kiddos up, here's what you need to know:

Register for Bangor East Little League by visiting their website and registering online or visit them in-person Saturday, March 27th at Taylor Field from noon to 2 PM.

If you are interested in volunteering for this season's Bangor East Little League, the Bangor East Little League website and click on the 'Volunteer Forms' to fill out a form.


Follow both leagues on Facebook at 'Bangor East Little League Baseball' and 'Bangor West Little League'.


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