The city of Bangor has lifted its mandate on city busses as well, according to a Facebook post...

Things are changing, if not slowly.

I'm not gonna lie, I really do kinda hate masks as much as the next person. On the other hand, I've also enjoyed missing out on flu and cold season the last couple of years. For real, there are situations where I wish masking was less controversial and more practical, but that ship has probably sailed.

But this week, a federal judge in Florida repealed the national mandate that was requiring masks on planes, trains, and automobiles... I mean, buses. Of course, while there is no longer a mandate federally, local authorities can keep them in place as long as they choose, which leads us to...

Bangor's public bus system is still going to require masks.

For how long? Hard to say. According to the BDN, Bangor is sticking to its masking policies. As will the Metro in Portland, which is their public transit system. Almost every other transportation outlet has followed suit with the feds. Concord Coach and Greyhound no longer require masks. Same with Amtrak and most airlines.

It also looks like the Maine CDC is more closely aligned with the feds on this, as well. They're indicating they have no intention of imposing any statewide requirements of any kind. So generally speaking, other than an individual business's preference, these two bus systems are Maine's last mask holdouts.

But I also get it. Buses can be crowded little sardine cans full of people, and we all know masking is supposed to keep you safe. Sure, people love to argue that point, but that's not the one I'm making here. Just saying, in reality, we're as close to back to normal as we've been in a couple of years. Let's just hope we can slide into home plate soon.


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